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New Avengers #61
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talk to the m o o n


“Hey.” Teddy looked up from where he’d been watching, just about ready to do the shifting thing to rescue the suicidal maniac. Then he saw a uniform and hesitated. He knew enough people in costumes to have given this one the benefit of the doubt.

The blond couldn’t help by be amused at the discomfited expression on the woman’s face. Well, what he could see of it with the mask and all.

“Nice jump. You almost scared the crap out of me. I was like, ready to try and save you and stuff then I saw the uniform and I know enough crazy people in uniforms so I figured I should wait and I’m glad I did. I don’t have an extra pair of pants with me tonight.” When he stopped to think on that for a moment, he realized it made little to no sense and was probably a little odd sounding.

“Mannn,” he almost whined. “Everything  sounds so much better in my head then it does when it comes out of my mouth.”

Jessica watched him ramble, silently observing him.

And she couldn’t help but to let out a short chuckle at his comments to himself, and she gingerly tapped a gloved finger to her bottom lip. He was endearing, that was for sure. 

"Welll," she started, pursing her lips. I’m sure you’re not the first person to think that today." she waved a hand out nonchalantly, "—don’t even worry about it." 

The woman bent her knees and hopped from the top of the streetlight, stretching her elbows out to activate her web-pits. With the air building underneath her gliders and one leg tucked, she gently hovered her way down to the sidewalk. 


Her toes gently pressed against the ground, heels meeting the gravel soon after. Jess met the boy’s gaze with her own, her smirk quirked at the right corner of her lips followed by a meek shrug of the shoulders. 

"It’ll take more than that to offend me." 

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[text] Please say Bon Jovi.

[text] Joking. Mostly.

[text] You should come over. I have movies and snacks.

- - -


[smirks at Carol’s response before typing back]

[text] I did without Bon Jovi in Madripoor, I can do without it here. I don’t even think they even know who Bon Jovi is
[text] Be there in 20. 

[swipes up her keys with her index finger and slides out her apartment door]

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warning: unpopular opinion regarding megan fox as a face-claim for jessica drew under the cut here  

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Radioactive | Imagine Dragons
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